Monday 18 November 2013

Obsessed - A Year Long Hexie Block Swap

Hi everyone,

Yes, I confess.  I am a little bit addicted to hexies...ok, thats a lie...I'm a lot addicted to hexies, alright I'll tell you all the truth - I'm just a little bit obsessed with hexies :)

Back in August I agreed to partake in a year long hexie block swap with some lovely crafty ladies I have met via Facebook, the Hexie Swap Group was created and it is full of some extremely talented ladies! Let me introduce you to them...

First we have Jacquie from Pebble lane Studio, she makes some amazingly awesome ladies items - think bags and coffee cuffs!  Have a browse through her Facebook page or shop and you will be able to see this for yourself.

Danielle from Paisley Avenue makes some adorable clothing for girls ;)
Check out her Facebook page to see all her lovely items.

Kristina from Harley Barley Designs makes AMAZING hobby horses and other children's items.
Have a look at her Facebook page to see more of her lovely items.

Melissa from Precious Little Poppets is a very talented doll maker! 
To see more of her lovely dolls, visit her Facebook page.

Kristy from Monkey Mai makes beautiful pincushions (two of which I'm lucky enough to own - see here and here), mug rugs and many other items - all of which you can view on her Facebook page.

Christy from Jallie-Bean Kids makes lovely children's clothing and toys.  Here hand applique is amazing and I always want to purchase one of her t-shirts for the little monster!  Have a look at her Facebook page for more.

Felicity from For Miniature People makes toys and softies for children.  Have a look at her lovely items via her Facebook page.

Merja from Little People Design has a blog or you can have a look over her Facebook page - there are lots of helpful ideas to get your little one to use their imagination and be more creative.

Danielle is from Ruby Sew Oh and makes some lovely girls items and christmas decorations, here is a link to her shop and Facebook page.

Sherrilee is from Charlie Barlee Studio and makes some absolutely amazing items...I have no words to say how amazing these go check out her Facebook page!

And last (but certainly not least!) is Melisa from Melisa Jane.  Melisa makes some really gorgeous handbags, along with other clothing items...Have a look at her Facebook page too :)

Also...Sarah, Maureen and Tansy are participating - however they don't have social media links that I am able to share with you here.

So far we have finished round one of the only 13 more to go :P

Here is a little glimpse of the blocks that have been finished so far:

So pretty!
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