Monday, 4 November 2013

A peek at where I create

Hi everyone

I have been wanting to write a post about my sewing space for AGES!  But my space also hasn't been finished until NOW I can show you all :)

I sew in a little corner of my living/dining room, and if you follow me on Instagram you will have been seeing some lovely pictures as I add to my little area that is well on its way to being finished.

Yes, I have been sewing for about 2.5 years, but I used to sew on my dining room table...there was always fabric and other notions everywhere!  Then earlier this year I purchased a 2nd hand Horn Sewing Cabinet from a seller on Gumtree - this was the start of my sewing corner.  I then commandeered 3 shelved in a cupboard (for my fabric and notions) in our dining area and started looking for some shelves that I liked enough to go on the wall in my sewing corner, but that also matched the other furnishings in our living and dining areas - I mean I have to look at this area everyday and when we have visitors they will also see they had to be perfect.

About few months ago I saw this post and the hunt for my little house stated.  Every few weeks I found some time to visit the op shops in my area searching, and a month ago I finally found my house!

It cost me $8 and it is in perfect condition!  I wondered if I should paint my new little house, I was going to paint it white or black...but in the end I decided to leave it in its natural wood colour - mainly I came to this decision as I know I am pretty lazy when it comes to painting, so I knew that I would probably start the paint job but never actually finish it? :P

Then the search for shelves continued...and last weekend I bit the bullet and bought some, and then convinced hubby (it didn't take much convincing mind you - he is always very happy to get his tools out, I'm sure in another life he would have loved to have been a tradesman!). Anyway, I convinced hubby to put my selves and my little house on the wall...and I started decorating :)

Here is the progress:

And here are the finished shots of my space - I love it :)

All closed, clean and packed away :D

All out and ready to use

And what it really looks like most of the time :P

On the shelves....

The embroidery piece is one I made in february and it was blogged about here :)
The cute little colour lids and jars are from my local $2.80 store.

The little gold draws are some I've had since I was a child, the pear pincushion was made by Kristy (from Monkey Mai) and I received it as part of a swap (blogged here).  The jars next to the draws were a gift from our Engagement in 2009.

The little hoop artwork and pincushions that decorate the wall on the 1st shelf are from some swaps that I was a part of earlier this year (blogged here, and here). 
The "Best Friends" little hoop artwork was made by Jacara and was part of another swap I participated in earlier this year...but obviously forgot to blog about :P  

The little house is a little bare...but I have a few more threads to find and that should fill it up a little more :)  The "emma" letters are also something I have had forever, they were a gift from when I was born and used to decorate my childhood bedroom.

The last items on my shelves are some plastic Decor containers from my local Woolworth's.  I wanted to find some pretty boxes, but haven't found any I like, so I'll hopefully find the time to make some in the not to distant future - and these will do for now :)
They hold my scraps and other embellishments.

I hope you have enjoyed your little peek into my little creative space!
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