Wednesday 8 May 2013

Playing catchup

Hi everyone!

I'm playing catch up today :)

Today is the day where I post photos of finished items that I have been meaning to post for AGES! are the finished monster softies from the monster drawing competition I held earlier this year:

The winners were so pleased when they received their monster softies I the mail too - I love making little kids happy :D

Here's what the winners mothers had to say about the softies when they received them:

"Our little monster arrived yesterday. My son was bouncing up and down and so excited to receive it! He took it to school for news this morning with his drawing and wants to sleep with him at night. So sweet. Thanks again for a lovely opportunity."


"Just wanted to let you know that our Lizard Monster arrived safely today! We are thrilled, my son has been so excited anticipating its arrival and checking the letter box each day! He was thrilled his special parcel arrived today and carefully carried it around while we were at the shops and couldn't wait until we got back to the car to open it up!
He loves it so much! He has been comparing all the features on the plush to the drawing and is amazed with it! He is now snuggled up with it in bed (it's hugging his other soft toys!) and he is going to take it for his news day tomorrow (so it arrived just in time for that!)
So nice to see him smile with everything else that is going on at the moment! Well done on your awesome work and thanks again for both creating a competition that got him creative and also for bringing a great big smile to his face!"

I have to say that the feedback I received about these monster softies really made my day, I'm so please the little recipients are so happy with them :)

Ok, next on the list, is a customer request for softies to be created using the characters from this video as inspiration.

Here is the picture of some screen shots of the characters from the video and the softies I made using them as inspiration:

My son was so sad to see the owl go into the envelope to be posted off to its new owner...I definitely think I'll have to make him one as owls seem to be one of his favourite animals at the moment :P

The feedback I received from the lovely customer is below :)

"OMG you are too clever Emma  They are amazing!!! I put them in my daughters's cot last night when she was asleep and when she woke this morning they kept for amused for almost a whole hour lol. They are perfect and so well made. Thank-you again xxx"

Again, the lovely feedback made my day :)

I have been working on my items for the swaps that are coming up soon and a gift for a little baby (due in September!!), I do wish I could show you what I've been making the little fella now :( oh well, you'll just have to wait :P

I should have a post ready to share about my efforts for the little embroidery swap,( ), in the next week week or two...I'm pretty excited to show you all too :D 

Bye for now :) 

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