Sunday, 13 September 2015

A true disaster...

Hi everyone,

A few weekends ago I wen to my 1st ever Australian Sewing Guild meeting.  I decided to make a skirt for myself while there, havinf never sewed for myself before I decided the "Isabella banded skirt" looked easy enough :)

So I sewed it up, and I'm sorry to say it was just the wrong shape for me! I was quite disappointed as I loved the fabric so much! (The fabric was from Spotlight).

When I got home, I unpicked it all, found an old a-line skirt (to use for the shape) and an old yoga band from another old unworn skirt...

And created a new skirt - which I love :) so glad I spent the time trying to fix this disaster rather than just chucking it in the bin :)

Have you ever created someting you thought would be wonderful and it turned out to be truly awful?!
Did you fix it or put it in the bin?

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