Tuesday 28 July 2015

DIY base insert for the Ingenious Tote

Hi everyone

As you might be aware, a few weeks ago I released my new pattern The Ingenious Tote.  Its a great bag, which has the possibility of being made reversible - yep 2 bags in 1!  As the bag is constructed with bag feet, when you make it reversible, once set ends up inside the bag in the base...

So, once of my one of my fabulous testers (yes, you Janet :D), came up with this wonderful idea - a removable bag base that covers the internal bag feet if you have chosen to make your tote reversible.

This is Janet's version of the Ingenious Tote and her removable bag base in action!

 Bag feet can be seen inside the bag/Base one way up/Base the reverse way up 

Janet made her base from 2 different fabrics so she can use it in her bag whichever way she likes :)

Ok...so do you want to make your own?  Yes?!  Read on my friend!

 - Ingenious Tote Pattern, which is available for purchase from my shopEtsy or Craftsy
 - 1 x Fat 1/4 of your chosen fabric
 - 1 piece of Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner the size of pattern piece D

Yep, that's it - short and sweet :)

Now, let's get sewing!

DIY Instructions

1. Using pattern piece (D), cut 2 from your fabric and 1 from Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner.

2.  Place the fabric pieces right sides together and then place your Soft and Stable/Flex foam/Headliner on top.

3. Pin, sew around the outside edge (leaving a 4" turning gap), clip corners and lastly trim the bulk out of the seams.

4. Turn right side out - make sure you are turning so that your fabric is on the outside (you don't want your stabiliser on the outside)!  To do this slip your fingers between the fabric layers and turn.

5. Press.

6. Topstitch around the edge, ensuring to close the turning gap as you go.

7. Place it on top of your internal bag feet and away you go!

I hope you enjoyed this quick pattern add-on :)
I'll hopefully have another ready for you next week!

Happy sewing :)

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