Tuesday 10 February 2015

I have some creative crush(es)...do you?

Hi everyone!

I have quite a few creative crushes...I follow most of them on IG as it is an easy way to get my crush fix every day.  I can see their inspiring images as soon as I log on, and because I don't want to miss anything they post...I keep logging on ;P

Now I have quite a few crushes, so I thought I would share 3 with you today (in no particular order).

First up, Angie (Gnome Angel) and Melissa (Ms Midge) - I bundle these 2 ladies into the same basket as I met them last year on the same day...we shopped and we had lunch, it was lovely.  I love seeing the images they post, and I usually hop over to their blogs semi-regularly too as they are both fantastic writers.  When they write, they make me feel like we have just sat down together and are having a great chat.  Angie sometimes shares great recipes, and I have made this twice and it is yummy!  I also really love the bags she made recently. Melissa actually caused me to go out and purchase fabric from spotlight! When she made these bags and these necessary clutch wallets...I loved it!
(Source)                                         (Source)

Second is Erin (Dog Under My Desk) - I have been reading her blog for years, but I only recently started following her on IG.  I think I decided to start following her as she has recently moved to Australia (Sydney not Melbourne unfortunately, even though it is way better Erin!  If you ever read this ;P), she is engaged to an Aussie AND she is a pattern designer of bags.  Although I have never made any of her patterns, I enjoy looking at her pictures, (especially the ones of her cute dogs and the ones of her setting up her new sewing room and home).

Last, and certainly not least, we have Abby (things for boys) - Abby is another wonderful lady I have actually met, AND she has 2 boys like me, AND our boys are similar-ish ages (hers are 4 and 1 and mine are 3 and 6 months - but I think thats pretty close).  I love seeing Abby's makes for her boys and for herself...and although I am not brave enough to make myself clothing items, I always think that I should make time to make clothes for my boys more...I also love seeing her eldest boys artworks and evidence of play.

I just noticed that all these ladies are Australian (well are now that Erin has moved here ;D)...
For My Little Monster


  1. Gosh Emma, this is so so sweet and totally reciprocated. You're awesome and meeting you last year was one of my highlights! Thanks so much for the love and for your kind words. I'll do my best to help keep your sweet tooth in check this year ;) <3