Sunday 23 February 2014

A new little activity for the Little Monster, Transport themed Lego Puzzles, and you can make your own too!

Hi everyone :)

A few weeks ago I came across this post while searching for new activities for the little monster.

Now, the little monster LOVES lego, and he LOVES puzzles, so what better way to entertain him, that to incorporate both into a fun activity?!

I decided to make some transport themed lego puzzles for the little monster, as he is in a real transport loving phase at the moment - be it trains, trams, boats, cars, or planes :)
I also thought he would find these puzzles a little more challenging as all, except 1, use 3 blocks to make the picture.

Finding and creating this activity for the little monster was just in time too, we took the puzzles I made for him on holidays with us last week and they were a major hit!  Since arriving home he has been busy playing with them too...I might have to make him some more :)

Would you like to make your own transport themed lego puzzle for your little monster to play with?


Well, then follow the little tutorial I have provided below :)

Items you will need:
26 Duplo lego bricks (or similar)
Download the transport themed pictures I have used here
Sticky tape
A printer
A pen

1. Print out your transport images (downloaded from here), and cut each image out.
2.  Choose one image to start with.   Turn your image over to the wrong side, and mark with your pen where the breaks in each of the bricks are.
3 and 4. Cut your image on each of the marks. You will now have 3 separate images (or 2 if it is the "tram" image) that make up your transport picture.
5 and 6. Using your sticky tape, stick each image to a separate block.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all your images are attached to each lego brick.
8. And your finished!  Repeat the process for all the other transport images.

Your Transport Lego Puzzles are now ready to play with!  I hope your little monster has as much fun with the ones you create as mine had with his :)
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