Friday 23 November 2012

A bit more about me....

Hello Everyone :)

I thought I would do a post to tell you all a bit more about me!

Name: Emma

Age: 30

Occupation: Stay-at-home mum ... but I used to be a teacher!  I taught psychology and media to high school student in yr. 10-12.

Family and location: I live in Melbourne, Victoria, with my husband, dog (or as I like to refer to him - my furry baby), and my gorgeous one year old little monster who inspires me everyday :)

What made me decide to start my own business?
Well, I have always been creative...over the year I have dabbled in mosaicking, jewellery making (although I occasionally still enjoy doing this), knitting (but...I never did finish that 1st scarf...), card making, scrapbooking (I even have scrapbooked my own wedding album!), I've (with my husbands help) have made bookends for friends children, and finally (when I was pregnant with my little monster),  I made some artwork for his room and I tried sewing for the 1st time - and obviously I fell in love with it!

**I will update this blog with some pictures of the items I have enjoyed creating over the years, at some later stage, so please check back :)  **

Thanks for reading

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