Tuesday 2 October 2012

New world of Blogging...

I'm very new to this world of blogging :)

I would like to know what you think my 1st blog post should be about?

1. Do you want to know a bit more about me? 
2. Do you want a peek at what I'm working on right now?
3. Do you want to take a guided tour of my creative space?
4. Would you like to see a few of my favourite handmade items that I have made for my son AKA "Little Monster"?
5. Would you like me to tell you about some of my other favourite handmade shops/blogs?
6. Do you what me to tell you some helpful tips and tricks of the trade?

Please leave a comment below about what you would like me to start with...I'm sure eventually all topics listed above will be covered :)

Also if you have any questions for me, I'm happy to answer them in a form of blog post or via email.

Thanks for visiting and reading this blog!


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